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2019 Board Election Candidates & Details!

The 2019 Full Barrel board elections are afoot! Voting will take place on the Members Loomio Group, which is open to all paid-in co-op members, and will officially close April 23. Four seats are open, and information about the candidates may be found below. Additionally, the candidates statements at the March 23rd Annual Meeting may be viewed via this link.

Board Candidate Statements:

Brian Guy: I am interested in serving the Full Barrel Co-op membership as a board director for three reasons: my belief in the power of the co-op model, my desire to work on local awesome things, and beer.

First, I have come to understand that the unique nature of co-ops, especially in the US, requires a diligent Board of Directors to ensure that the organization remains faithful to the co-op model’s core values, intentions, and overall potential – economic or otherwise. With that in mind, I think my experience as a Director on the Boards of the Onion River Co-op (aka, City Market) and the Co-op Family Center (a large childcare co-op in Eugene, OR) would be helpful as an FBC director. At both co-ops I was able to take advantage of extensive training in policy governance and see first hand the incredible, positive effects co-ops have on their community. I was also exposed to how often the co-op approach is misunderstood in our market capitalist-dominant world, and the need to clearly describe how much different (read: better) the co-op model can be for supporting sustainable and responsible business ownership. Full Barrel can be another voice in the co-op choir, and maintaining an effective and committed board is one way to make sure our members know what sets us apart. I’d love to offer my time and energy to that end!

Second, as a relatively new Burlingtonian (~6 years), I am constantly surprised by the creative/DIY nature of many local endeavors as well as the depth and consistency of Vermont culture overall. As a volunteer (or member) I’ve been a part of Local Motion, City Market, Radio Bean, and the Intervale Community Farms, to name a few, and with each have made great friends and was able to see firsthand how the best parts of Burlington function. My partner, Erin Malone, and I also own Momo’s Market, and my kids are in the Burlington School District – both of which offer a unique view into other parts of our city. I want to continue to be involved in our community, and I think Full Barrel Co-op has something special to offer in an otherwise crowded beerscape. I think FBC is positioned well, and ready to take the next big step in membership and development, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Lastly, beer. Not a lot to say here. You don’t join a beer co-op started by brewers unless you really like to drink it and enjoy cold afternoons in someone’s driveway watching your future boiling to perfection in a beat-up metal pot. Being around brewers and beer folks of other stripes means access to new flavors and styles and sharing them with others. Not a bad gig if you ask me.

Thanks for considering me for the Board of Directors, looking forward to the annual meeting!

Eric LaMontagne (Current Board Member): Hello friends! First, I’m sorry I could not make it tonight. Unfortunately the meeting overlapped with a commitment that has been scheduled for months, and for which there was no option to reschedule.

I stepped into a board position part way through a term, filling in for a previous member who had to resign for personal reasons. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has been an honor to serve this community. It is a very exciting time to be a member of this cooperative; there is an enormous amount of momentum and being in the midst of it is nothing less than thrilling.

A bit about me: I grew up in the Upper Valley area of Vermont, and moved to the big city of Burlington for school. I never left. Following 7 years in the non-profit development world, a year or some ago I started a company with the goal of helping facilitate strong community partnerships between for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. I am also the Executive Director of Campaign for Vermont, a non-partisan advocacy organization focusing state-wide on their Three E’s of Prosperity - Education, Ethics, and Economics. Though it may have moved by the time you read this, my weekend hustle has been working with the crew at Groennfell Meadery and Havoc Mead in Colchester, both as bartender and a bit on the brewing side. For fun you can usually find me (and most likely my dog Joules) somewhere outside, either fishing, kayaking, hiking, or maybe even just wandering aimlessly and enjoying the sun. A good brew is also likely to be nearby.

If given the opportunity to continue my role on the board, I promise to remain active and engaged. It has been an honor to serve you the members. We have an incredible team here, and I look forward to helping us forge ahead. 

Miles Linsmith (Current Board Member): As one of Full Barrel Cooperatives newest board members, I've really enjoyed collaborating with the board and providing direction and expertise in the beverage industry. I'm excited to see tangible progress and community interest and would like to remain on the board throughout the next phase of planning and development.  Over the next 2 years, I would like to take a more active role in the business planning committee and help the project come to life.

David Smith (Treasurer): See board bio [link] & video of his verbal statement [link] at the Annual Meeting.