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The Full Barrel Cooperative’s aim is to establish a community-owned brewery in Burlington, Vermont. We aim to create a hub where diverse community members and groups can meet, share ideas, and organize to continuously improve our collective lives. Inspired in part by the success of Black Star in Austin, TX, we legally incorporated as a co-op in February, 2015, and since then have almost doubled our membership. Our growing community is currently in the process of recruiting members and volunteers, compiling ideas, securing Real Estate, holding informational meetings and parties, and of course, brewing and drinking excellent beer!

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Matt Cropp, President (He/Him)


Matt is an all around co-op geek who loves good beer. His day-job is as Co-Executive Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center, which educates and supports business owners considering exiting their business to employee-ownership. He’s also involved with a variety of freelance and volunteer projects in the co-op movement, including as Chair of the Vermont Solidarity Investing Club, which invests exclusively in cooperatives. His interest in co-ops was sparked by learning about credit unions during the 2008 Financial Crisis, and he subsequently wrote his History M.A. thesis on the founding and first 25 years of the Vermont State Employees Credit Union (now VSECU). Matt lives in the New North End of Burlington with his partner Allison and their rabbits Coady and Anabel.


Andrew GansenBerg, V.P.


Andrew is originally from Massachusetts and has found reasons to come to Vermont his whole life. After moving around the states, he returned to Vermont to finish his undergrad at Green Mt. College. He felt that using business and social enterprise was the most effective way he could create social change which quickly led him to the co-operative model. He now works at Vermont State Employees’ Credit Union, is studying for a Masters of Management in Co-operatives and Credit Unions, and is always looking for opportunities in cooperative development. In his “free” time, he loves to go on adventures with his Australian Shepherd; whether biking, hiking, or swimming. When inside, he loves playing board games, card games, puzzles, or cooking with friends.


Kiersten Hallquist, Secretary (she/her, they/them)


Kiersten was born and raised in Vermont. She received her Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in environmental studies at Dartmouth College and her Master’s in Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) at the University of Vermont. She has served as the minutes-taker for the City Market Board since August 2015, which has given her extensive experience observing cooperative board process, form, and function. She lives with her partner, Mike, and their mutty-pup, Murphy, in the New North End, Burlington, Vermont. View her online professional LinkedIn portfolio...


David Smith, Treasurer

David has lived in Chimney Corners for 20 years and operates his business MacKenzie Smith, Inc.dba from there. He has been self-employed in B2B since the 1970's and has been involved in all areas of operating a small business. Since moving to Vermont from Maryland in 1984, he has primarily been in the promotional products business and has worked with craft brewers since Vermont Pub & Brewery opened in 1988. Since 2012, his business has been focused exclusively on organizing group production runs with craft brewers nationwide and in Canada of full-color coasters and other brewery promotional items. Now with a staff of 4, he spends much of his time interacting with nearly 1,000 craft brewers and distillers, picking up tidbits of what makes a craft brewery successful.


Owen Kunkel


When Owen realized that he could make good beer for the same price as the cheapest macrobrew his whole life was transformed. Spending all day putting together and brewing a recipe was just another Saturday. His homebrew was decent, but when the conversation about opening his own brewery happened at the Other Place, he knew that he had to improve. Enrolling in the Craft Brewer's Apprenticeship Program at the American Brewer's Guild gave him the expertise to join the craft brew revolution. A stint with Otter Creek Brewing during their rebranding was instrumental in adding to his knowledge bank and desire to always keep pushing the envelope. Now a brewer at the expanding Zero Gravity brewery he is getting the start up experience with the benefit of working with some of the best brewers around. Having worked at a number of different workplaces has given him a desire for the co-op business model. Fostering the feeling of having a stake in the company is nothing compared to actually owning and being responsible for that company. As a board member he strives to bring the knowledge of the brewing industry to the table along with the desire to integrate the co-op way of life into the brewery. As a brewer he'll make delicious beers for members to drink. As a member he'll drink delicious beers made by talented brewers.


Eric LaMontagne


Eric grew up in the Upper Valley area of Vermont, and moved to the big city of Burlington for school. He never left. He is a man of many hats. Following 7 years in the non-profit development world, he recently started a company for the purpose of helping facilitate strong community partnerships between for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. He is also the Executive Director of Campaign for Vermont, a non-partisan advocacy organization focusing state wide on their Three E’s of Prosperity - Education, Ethics, and Economics. Additionally, Eric works with the crew at Groennfell Meadery and Havoc Mead in Colchester. For fun you can usually find Eric (and often his dog Joules) somewhere outside, either fishing, hunting, kayaking, or hiking.


Miles LinSmith


Miles grew up in Portland, Maine and moved to Vermont to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Green Mountain College, where he spent an equal amount of time studying on campus and exploring abroad. His love of beer was found when he discovered German Hefeweizens during a semester in Northern Italy. Upon graduation, Miles wanted to continue drinking beer and traveling, so he found a job working remotely for a European beer importer (Manneken Brussel Imports) based in Austin, Texas. After a couple of years amassing a wealth of beer industry experience and knowledge, Miles has jumped on board to help with Full Barrel's development. When he isn't drinking beer, or traveling for work or pleasure, he can be found running, hiking, skiing or mountain biking around Vermont.


Peter McConville (He/Him)


Peter moved to Burlington in 2003 to pursue concurrent Master’s degrees in English and Education and feeling that he found home, he hasn’t left. Since joining the faculty at Burlington High School in 2005, he has actively pursued issues related to sustainability both in and out of the classroom. He is currently one of four staff members of the Burlington City & Lake Semester, an immersive semester program offered through Burlington High School focussing on thriving communities.

Peter’s interests in beer really took off when he realized that, unlike wine, he actually understood the complexities of the beer world, and in the end, nuances aside, that they aren’t all that complex. He loves teaching people about the brewing process and pairing good beer with good food. He lives in Burlington’s New North End with his wife, two children, two dogs, and some chickens.


Michael Tavares (He/Him)


Mike grew up in South Burlington, and moved to a small town in Ohio for school. After spending four years in Ohio, he realized Ohio is flat, and definitely needed to live around the mountains. He moved back and got a job as an after school counselor and has moved his way up the ranks to Site Director. Ever since turning 21 Mike has been a beer enthusiast waiting in long lines early in the morning to get Lawson’s bottles at the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market or the long forgotten Alchemist Truck Sales. The love of beer, transformed into the passion of homebrewing. Upon learning of the Full Barrel Cooperative he quickly started attending events and honing his homebrewing skills. He is excited to energize the membership and work toward opening the Full Barrel Cooperative Brewery. Mike lives in Burlington with his fiance, Kiersten and their dog, Murphy. Mike plays kickball and lacrosse, and loves to ski.


Board Minutes

We post meeting notes from the three most recent meetings. Full paid-in FBC members have access to our full meeting minutes archives, via the meeting minutes thread, within our FBC Member Loomio space.